Benefit from systems that make you more profitable - without the pains of software delivery processes!

Many mid-sized companies endure separate, unlinked systems: a physical order book, lots of spreadsheets, a whiteboard, an old Access database, Google Contacts, Microsoft Outlook emails, an online HR system. Software provision is complex, and getting it wrong is usually harmful.

There are many steps between:
(a) a disconnected businesses that's evolved and has no/few mapped processes, different personalities, different departments, and
(z) a business with software that genuinely makes things more cost efficient, more time-efficient and ultimately: more profitable!

Businesses often get pushed a route dictated by whichever supplier sells best.

Our approach is to separate out the oft-missed but highly recommend stages of business process mapping, requirements gathering, solution suggestion, and then communicate with suppliers on your behalf for supplier selection, software development, and even post-delivery.

So in summary...
We package, take ownership of, and manage the whole (a) to (z) process on your behalf. Our customers benefit from the most appropriate system, delivered by the best supplier, with significantly less hassle and risk, and often at less cost!

Our customers aren't even tied to us - the documents we produce for you are written in such a way that both you and software providers will understand and find useful and as they belong to you, you can even put the project out to tender yourself if you choose to do so!

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You And Your Business

You may know how you want your business to look in the future. We like to meet face-to-face to learn how you do things now and get an idea of your ideal outcome. (Under review as of December 2015)

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Finding Practical Solutions

You'll receive clear information about our suggested quick-wins, longer-term growth strategy, and the costs you can expect. (Under review as of December 2015)

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Implementing Changes For Growth

The last thing you want is an even longer to-do list! Once you've agreed to our proposed solutions, we'll get them done for you - and if we can't, we'll find someone who can! (Under review as of December 2015)

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