Are you out of touch now everything’s changed? Part 2

In Part 1, we explained that the business world is very different from thirty years ago. You need a consultant who understands this fact and can help you bring your business into the present.

The perfect consultant…

So when you are looking for the perfect consultant, what should you be looking for?  Yes, he has a nice suit (and a nice car…), and he’s got kids about the same age as yours, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he knows his stuff.

  • Ask them – any consultant worth their salt won’t mind a bit. What did they do before consultancy?  Do they have personal experience of running a business?  If they don’t, it makes it difficult to understand your issues first hand.  Also, do they work alone?  If so, why? Maybe they like things too much their own way, but no man is an island – your perfect consultant needs to be a team player.
  • Do your own research – do they understand how technology is constantly changing?  They will always say yes, but the definitive way is to check them out online.  You can discover much by looking at how a consultant works.  Look at their website (*if you can’t find it, look elsewhere!), their branding, their understanding of technology and social media.  Does their marketing strategy / company image inspire you? Are they about growing businesses, or about making money?  Do they have a great CRM and accounts package?

If your current consultant doesn’t pass these simple tests, give Conclusys a call on 0845 544 3210 or email us at to arrange a free consultation and find out how we can help your business grow!

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