The Elephant, Perspective and Value

You’ve learned your trade, got customers through referrals or other means but you can’t help but feel that you’ve started to plateau.  Maybe you get feedback from your clients – most of them are probably polite, and those that aren’t, aren’t always constructive.

So, the elephant in the room – the question you really want answered…

What would it take for people to use my services or buy my products?

Sure – if you ask 100 people you’ll probably get a share of “I wouldn’t unless it was free”, or “I don’t need what you offer”.  That’s fine – you’ll get an idea of how many people remain that you could convert to paying clients, and they’re the ones you’re interested in.  People will pay when they think there’s a value so listen to them.

How to ask?

Social media is almost entirely free.  If you’re not using it, why not?  Maybe you can’t use Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn and the rest.  Maybe you can but you don’t like them.  Does it matter?  You’re not your client and what matters is what they use.

So much to do…

Running a small business can be hard work.  Get in touch and find out how we can give you the strategy and support you need to get new customers and grow your business.

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